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Purushottam Sri Krishna

Purushottan Sri Krishna is a mythological story written by Nripendra Krishna Chattopadhyay in his book “Golpo Bale Dadumoni”. The story depicts the life journey of Sri Krishna who is one of the “Avatars” of Supreme God “Vishnu”. Sri Krishna was born as a human being to restore the “Dharma” and to eradicate the evil forces from this earth. Nripendra Krishna Chattopadhyay was a story teller at All India Radio, Kolkata for a long time and his program “Golpo Bale Dadumoni” was very popular. After successfully completing the radio program, he wrote several stories in “Shuktara”. These stories were later published as a book named “Golpo Bale Dadumoni”

  • Shimul nath says: Hare Krishna! I want to download this book. Pls add download option / send me download link / say how to download online steaming audio. Pls, answer. I want this book.

  • Joyee De says: I want to download this audio book. please can i get it? can anyone send me the audio? I would really be grateful if I am able to receive any help.

  • monir says: plz give me download link

  • Indira banerjee says: Fantastic. great job.Wish to download this book. Please send me the links.

  • pijush kumar das says: where is the download link? i like so much but i can not able collect it! plz help me

  • M K Kundu says: very good audio

  • উজ্জ্বল says: জগৎ প্রণাম করে শ্রীভগবানকে……আমি প্রণাম জানাই পাঠিকাকে……যার পাঠ-মাহাত্মে আমার মত ৬০ বছরের এক পাষন্ডও অশ্রুশিক্ত হয়……জয় ঠাকুর…

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