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Kolyaniashu Indu

“Kolyaniashu Indu” is a collection of 30 letters written by Jawaharlal Nehru in 1928 to his daughter Indira Gandhi when she was 10 years old. The actual letters written by Nehru were in English and published in a book named “Letters from a Father to His Daughter”. At the time of the writing these letters, Nehru was in Allahabad and Indira was in Mussoorie. In these letters, Nehru discusses a variety of topics. He discusses about natural history, the beginning of the earth, and evolution. He talks about the varied races of the world, the differences in communities, the origin of language and races, how these races were formed. Nehru also discusses the ancient civilizations, the history of India, the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, and the great kings of the past and their kingdoms.


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  • Abir says: অসাধারণ কিছু চিঠি। সবার অবশ্যই এই চিঠিগুলো শোনা উচিত। এবং নিজের বাচ্চাদের অবশ্যই চিঠিগুলো শোনানো উচিত। অত্যন্ত যুক্তিসহকারে নেহেরু এই চিঠিগুলো লিখেছিলেন। একবার শোনা শুরু করলে আর শেষ না করে থামতে পারবেন না। আর যিনি পাঠ করলেন, স্যালুট তাঁকে।

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