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Ekti Ashade Golpo

This is a short story written by Rabindranath Tagore about a young man who entered into a land where people are different. They act differently, they behave differently. They do not have their own opinions. They just follow the orders of their King. This young man along with two of his friends started explaining to them that they can live differently. Ultimately all realized that they can live their life on their own way, not just by following instructions. This story is similar to Tagore’s another beautiful creation, Dance drama “Tasher Desh”. Enjoy!!!

  • Amiyo Biswas says: Excellent reading. All podcasts by Anindita are of high quality. The output will be better if edited in wav format and only the final version is saved in mp3.

  • Sunanda Bhaumik says: I just love your voice………….Grt work

  • K Roy says: Excellent initiative & reading.Great scope to spread Bengali literature throughout the world. Will you please share me a link to download this.

  • Shakil Ahamed says: Nice book. Thanks for upload.Continue it…

  • ARUN KHOPKAR says: I am studying Bengali on my own and find your website a great help. The quality of reading is generally good and most times it avoids over-dramatisation, which spoils the literary content and the beauty of the sounds of words for the listener. I have a suggestion. It would be helpful if you were to indicate the duration of each narration; then the listener could make a choice, compatible with the time available to him. Thank you and best regards, Arun Khopkar

  • Jahirul islam says: Very good

  • Bani Sur says: For an octogenarian like myself this is a great invention. I used to be an avid reader but have developed an eye problem but cannot read any longer. This is a true gift for people like myself.

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