Taker Oshudh



Taker Oshudh is written by Boren Gongopadhyay. This story is about a person named Sosthipodo who is becoming bald day by day. He is trying every medicine whoever is suggesting to save his leftover hair. Finally he met a Sadhu( a monk) who promised to stop his baldness…..

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10 Responses to Taker Oshudh

  1. Jaya Mitra says:

    Daroon…Chotobalar kotha mone pore galo…

  2. Indranil says:

    Oshadharon proyash… ami sotti e apluto… ami ekjon programmer…. apnader help korte pari… bangla sahitter swarthe amar mone hoy apnader website k r ektu unnoto kora dorkar…. amar sahajjer jonne amar mail id te nirdidhay mail korte paren (mailneelhere@gmail.com)

    ei oshadharon proyasher jonno r o ekbar dhonnobad.

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much Indranil! We will think about your idea and contact you if needed.

      Thanks again!

  3. Ricky says:

    thank you ……. i m so glad….

  4. aniruddha says:

    Thanks for your excellent effort..

  5. BONHI GHOSH says:

    darun collection .. Thanx to admin.. kintu ei audio books download link pawa sambhob

    • admin says:

      Dhonnobad! Beshir bhag file i download sombhob. Purono kichu file e ekhono download option deoya hayni. Khub siggiri download option kore deoya habe.

  6. admin says:

    We just added the download option here.

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