Shakuntala’s story is told in the Mahabharata. Shakuntala was born of the sage Viswamitra and the Apsara Menaka. Menaka came to distract the great sage Viswamitra from his deep meditation. She succeeded, and bore a child by him.

Viswamitra distanced himself from the child out of anger. Later Menaka left the newborn Shakuntala in the forest. The new born child was found by Kanva Rishi surrounded by Shakunta birds. He thus named her Shakuntala. She became the wife of king Dushyanta and mother of emperor Bharata. The story of Shakuntala was dramatized by Mahakavi Kalidasa. Abanindranath Thakur converted the story of Shakuntala for children. Bengali Audio Book has created this children’s Shakuntala into audio format. Hope you and your kids will enjoy this old story of Shakuntala one more time…..

      Shakuntala part1 - Listen here
      Shakuntala part2 - Listen here
      Shakuntala part3 - Listen here
      Shakuntala part4 - Listen here

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  1. Shahadat Hossain says:

    Ucharon onek improved… Audio book is based on good voice… its nice. please to care about the voice for every audio book

  2. Maitree Ray chaudhuri says:

    I cant listen any stories from always showing loading icon while click on Play icon.Please do something.

  3. Somnath says:

    Downlod korbo kivabe?

  4. Golam Md Ali Murtuja says:

    Very Good to listen

  5. Manoshi says:

    Thank you so much for these stories. Really helpful for my mom while she is bed ridden and can’t do anything by on her own. These stories really makes her happy. God bless you.

  6. paromita chakraborty says:

    Part 4 is not downloading. What to do?

  7. Abhisek Mistry says:

    I am very happy on this site .

  8. Nripen Biswas says:

    Thanks #bengaliaudiobook

  9. Imon Das says:

    Thanks a lot.. and ur voice is very nice to listen.

  10. kartick biswas says:

    খুব ভাল লেগেছে আমার

  11. ami agulo porte khub bhalobasi good aro download korboki kore

  12. Suvodip Laha says:

    Nice Drama.

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