Rupa is a short story written by Humayun Ahmed. Professor Humayun Ahmed  was a scientist, a famous contemporary Bengali fictionist and a very successful filmmaker. He died on 19 July 2012 at the age of only 64. This short story is about a person who wants to tell an interesting story to a stranger in rail station. The stranger found it odd but agreed to listen the story as he had nothing to do at that time. The person starts telling the interesting story……

      Rupa - Listen here

12 Responses to Rupa

  1. Rajdip Chanda says:

    Notun Saader Galpo Bes Valo laglo. Asankha Dhannyabad Anindita. O Bengali Audio Book Ke. Aapnar Gaan sunlam Galpo gucho Te.

  2. Tapendu says:

    Ekhaner pray protyekti golpo ba kobita amar valo legeche. kintu besir bhager download option ney. tai net connect slow hole buffering e porte hoy. tai ADMIN k amar binito nibedon je apni (jodi sambhav hoy) protyek ti audio file download korar byabostha korun. tahole amar moto oneke offline e ey audiogulo upovog korar sujog pabe.

  3. azmol says:

    A lot of thanks for audio book. please more humayun ahmed book publish. more

  4. raju pal says:


  5. sujoy pal says:

    Humayun Ahmed er choto golpo Rupa sunlam. Darun bhalo laglo. Download korar subidha ache ki? Tahale subidha hoto. Ar Humayun babur aro golpo sunte chai.

  6. tanjila munia says:

    valo legeche..oshadharon uposthapona..!!

  7. suraj nandi says:

    ato deeply love story….khub vlo laglo…..

  8. Gourav kar says:

    please give me the download link.

  9. Amit sarkar says:

    khuve valo laglo

  10. Md sohel khan says:

    Onek valo

  11. অমায়িক একটি ছোট্ট গল্প,বাংলাদেশি কথা সাহিত্যিক,নাট্য রচ্যিতা হুমায়ন আহ্মেদ স্যার এর…সুন্দর পাথ করেছেন ম্যাম….কমেন্ট না করে পারলাম না…. #স্যলুট ফ্রম বাংলাদেশ

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