Prothom Siri

This is a short story written by Pratibha Bosu. The story is about a small girl named Radharani who can sing very well. One day she goes to her maternal uncle’s wedding ceremony and she absolutely loves the ceremony. There she met her newly wedded aunty’s brother named Amal. Amal teases her all the time and she gets angry. Gradually both of them realize that they love each other. This is their first love. Enjoy!!!

      Prothom Siri - Listen here

5 Responses to Prothom Siri

  1. Sukrit Bhowmik says:

    Darun laglo

  2. baidyanath barick says:

    Please download linkta ektu email kore din na. I am a big fan of you.

  3. aritra says:

    plz dwonlod link ta send korun… Darun legeche!! Plz

  4. mohanta halder says:

    khub valo laglo :)

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