Prothom Protishruti

Ashapurna Devi gifted Bengali literature one of the most memorable trilogy Prothom Protishruti–Subarnalata–Bakulkatha, about three generations of women. Prothom Protishruti is the story of Satyabati, well taught with education and values given by her father Ramkali. Satyavati has been taught by her father before she was married off. She wanted to educate her daughter as well. But her life was not that easy. Set in the late 18th and 19th centuries, this widely acclaimed novel attempts to commemorate the struggles and efforts of women, of the mute domestic space, neglected by history. This book, about one of the many unknown women from the ignored interiors of Bengal……

      Prothom Protishruti Part1 - Listen here
      Prothom Protishruti Part2 - Listen here
      Prothom Protishruti Part3 - Listen here
      Prothom Protishruti Part4 - Listen here
      Prothom Protishruti Part5 - Listen here
      Prothom Protishruti Part6 - Listen here
      Prothom Protishruti Part7 - Listen here

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  1. r.roy says:

    download link ta dile kub bhalo hoto.. seta pawa sombhob ki??

  2. Dipankar says:

    Pls tell to download

  3. mdmohosin says:

    where is the next files? pls donot leave it incomplete.

  4. mdmohosin says:

    Only I can listen upto part 7 . Pls upload the next audios.

  5. মহম্মদ মহসীন says:

    6 নং ফাইলের পর আর ফাইল নেই কেন ? 47 টি অধ্যায়ের মধ্যে মাত্র ছয়টি অধ্যায় শোনানো হলো। বাকী গুলি কবে পাবো? উত্তর দেবেন।

  6. মহম্মদ মহসীন says:

    প্রথম প্রতিশ্রুতি 6 নং ফাইলের পর আর ফাইল নেই কেন ? 47 টি অধ্যায়ের মধ্যে মাত্র ছয়টি অধ্যায় শোনানো হলো। বাকী গুলি কবে পাবো? উত্তর দেবেন।

  7. manas ghosh says:

    good site

  8. manas ghosh says:

    please send me the link

  9. riaz says:


  10. riaz says:

    downloda link ta dan #admin.


  12. Subham Dutta says:

    Rabindranath er “CHUTI” golpo erv natok ta pawa jbe ki???

  13. indira says:

    sottie apnader ei prochesta asadharon. ashonkhyo dhonnyobad. sahittyer emon shrutinandon rup lalima mon k mothito kore. aro sobai k sonate chai. download ki sombhob?

    • admin says:

      Dhonnobad! Beshir bhag file i download sombhob. Purono kichu file e ekhono download option deoya hayni. Khub siggiri download option kore deoya habe.


    if u kindly provide the links to download..thank u so much fr ur dis kind of awsome effort..

  15. rupam says:

    Hi anindita di….i’m a big fans of ur stories…can u plzz send me all the download link of “PROTHOM PROTISHRUTI” which is written by ‘ASHAPURNA DEVI’…………..& thanks a lot again to whole members who involved these story & website.

  16. lima says:

    Hello, i like this site….thanks to the admin and all those whose are related to these awesome presentation :) ..i have mailed for the download link of this story.But no reply…can i have the download link of “PROTHOM PROTISHRUTI” by ‘ASHAPURNA DEVI’………….

    Thank you ^_^

  17. Somnath says:

    Dear Admin, I am glad to share my experience of your site, It’s a valuable site for a reader specially being a’Bangali’ I am just rejoicing the Bengali novels through your site. Here is my earnest request Pls. send me the link of ‘Prothom Protishruti’. Iwill be glad for your kind assistance.

  18. riya Saha says:

    #aAdmin Pls download korte din …khub valo apnader proyas…

  19. Asif Ahmed says:

    Prothom Protishruti er download link chacchi!!

  20. soumali chatterjee says:

    Prothom Protisruti’r 6 ti audio series khub y bhalo laglo. Purota shunte aagrohee. Prothom Protisruti r download link ta jodi pathan. Ami apnake ‘’ e request pathiyechhi amar mail id theke.

  21. K says:

    Very good initiative. Kindly send full download link

  22. Nigar says:

    সুন্দর গল্প, ভালো উদ্যোগ……. কিন্তু বাকিটা কোথায় পাবো পুরোটা শুনতে চাই

  23. tusher hasan says:


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