The narrator of these stories, novels and poems is Dr. Anindita Bhattacharya. Dr. Bhattacharya was born and brought up in Tripura, a tiny state in beautiful northeastern India. Her mother encouraged her to participate in recitation competitions since she was 5 years old. Thereafter she continued her involvement in recitation and elocution and received several awards including a gold medal in state elocution champainship.

Dr Bhattacharya became a regular performer in All India Radio, Agartala and later in Akashvani, Kolkata and in several local television channels in Kolkata. She conducted a Bengali Radio show on 1550AM every Sunday broadcasted from Fremont, California.

Dr. Bhattacharya lives in San Francisco with her husband and a 5 year old son.

28 Responses to Narrator

  1. Dilip Manna says:

    Anindita di, I am Dilip from Kolkata. I am searching this type of site where i can able to get .mp3 of Bengali story,nobel, shrutinatak….I love to ready bengali story. Thanks. Many many thanks for your beautiful voice.

  2. Susmita Khan says:

    Anindita, “Iti Tomar Ma” er paath osadharan, shunte, shunte chokhe jaal eshe gelo.Chotobelar katha, chole jaoa sob priyajander katha khub mone pore gelo.

  3. Dipankar Chakraborty says:

    Osadharon kaj aapner anindita mam..
    Sunchilam oghoton golpo ta..
    Sundor vassyo aapnar.
    Tobe ektu sound mixing er dik ta jodi nojor den to amr mne hoi r o pranobonto hobe..
    Aapnar dirghayu kaamonai Jordan

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much Dipankar! Amra abosyoi chesta korbo sound add korar. Feedback er jonyo dhonnobad!

  4. Subrata Ghosh says:

    Ami kichutei download korte parchina. por por step by step ki korte habe jodi keu janan khub upokrito habo.

  5. অসাধারণ একটা কাজ করছেন দিদি।
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    দারুল লাগছে audiobook শুনতে।
    অসংখ্য ধন্যবাদ।
    একটা request ছিল,
    আমার একটা ছোট website আছে, যদি আপনি permission দেন,
    আমি আপনার audiobook গুলি কে আমার website এ upload করতে চাই।
    উত্তরের আশায় থাকলাম।

    সঞ্জয় হুমানিয়া

  6. আমি যদি বই পাঠে সাহায্য করতে চাই, তাহলে কি করতে হবে?

  7. Rudrajit Sadhu says:

    Sei choto belay mayer kache onek onek galpo sona , tarpor somayer sathe sathe onek ta poth chole esechi . Bangla sahitio aj o amay ddake , kintu sei echha nibaroner sadhin upay theke amra onek ei bonchito; amra drishtihin.
    Tai sei echha puron korar jonno Annindita o Bengali audio books k onek onek antorik dhonnobad.

  8. Shuvra says:

    Great effort…keep it up…

  9. ranit nandy says:

    apnar kaj really oshadharon. carry on mam. don’t leave it. thank you

  10. Sanjoy Kumar Singha Roy says:

    Hi Mam,
    Today I completed listening to ‘Iti Tomar Maa’ it made me cry. It was your outstanding performance that was the main. Thanks a lot.

  11. admin says:

    Happy to hear that you liked the novel. Thank you!

  12. Manoj Ghatak says:

    Khub bhalo lagche………….

  13. debkumar.debkumar says:

    thanks mam. your voice is bringing a new world of shortstories to so many blind persons like me. can I make request here? thanks.

  14. Sujit Sahoo says:

    Very good work done by Dr. Anindita.
    All the very best to your upcoming works.

  15. Shouvik Nandi says:

    Anindita didi.. .. .
    Apni bangla sahitya jogote ek amulya sompod… …..

    Bangla natok search krte gie ekhane. Elam….
    Onek dhonnobad.apnake…

  16. Shouvik Nandi says:

    Saratchandra chattopadhaya er RAMER SUMOTI. choto golpo ti sunte chai apnar konthe

  17. Avi gomes says:

    onek bhalo lagsay…humayun ahmed er (apitaf)
    uponash ta add korun plzzz…

  18. roksana says:

    A big big THANK YOU for this amazing website. Helps me to learn Bengali

  19. Bhaswar Mandal says:

    I love bengali literature heartly. Today I find out your website. I want to say you a very big thanks for this amazing job.

  20. ashim sarkar says:

    didi amar kichu kabita asche…..jodi pore sunao tobe ami khub khusi hob.

    ami email karbo……valo lagle sonabe….

  21. Tapu Saha says:

    Hello, I am a big fan of audiobooks. I listen audiobooks almost everyday when on travel. I have listened almost all the audiobooks in this site. All are fantastic. I am waiting for a long for new stories. I would request to upload audio of famous novels in big volume.

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