Ghori Rohoshyo

2iuorrt“Ghori Rohoshyo” is written by Syed Mustafa Siraj. He is a renowned writer in Bengal. This story is about a person who thinks there may be a ghost in his room. So he came to Cornell to find what is going on.

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9 Responses to Ghori Rohoshyo

  1. siddhartha says:

    porar cheye sunte khub bhalo laglo.

  2. Soumendu Ghosh says:

    amra r o mp3 golpo sunte chai.

  3. Raju Dutta says:

    Osadharon pothon…

  4. sk.ibrahim says:


  5. somot says:


  6. Debasish Tewari says:

    Darun legechhe golpoti

  7. Monowar hossain says:

    I like this. Please add bankim upponas bish brikho

  8. sukalyan says:

    I love it.please added more more story…. please…. I request

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