Ekhono Somoy






“Ekhono Somoy” is written by Ullas Das. Ullas Das is a regular writer in Anandamela, Unish Kuri and Sananda magazine in West Bengal, India.

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6 Responses to Ekhono Somoy

  1. Souryadipta Sarkar says:

    Darun.. legeche……… Heavy……. :)

  2. Rajdip Chanda says:

    Khub Valo galpo, aar Ms./ Mrs. Anindita Bhattacharjee Khub Sundor Anuvitir sathe galpogulo path korchen. Dhanyabad Eto sundor uposthaponar jonyo

  3. md Saddam hossain says:

    Very Good story


    শুন্দর উপস্থাপনা।

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