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Prothom Protishruti

Ashapurna Devi gifted Bengali literature one of the most memorable trilogy Prothom Protishruti–Subarnalata–Bakulkatha, about three generations of women. Prothom Protishruti is the story of Satyabati, well taught with education and values given by her father Ramkali. Satyavati has been taught by her father before she was married off. She wanted to educate her daughter as well. But her life was not that easy. Set in the late 18th and 19th centuries, this widely acclaimed novel attempts to commemorate the struggles and efforts of women, of the mute domestic space, neglected by history. This book, about one of the many unknown women from the ignored interiors of Bengal……


This short story is written by Ashapurna Devi.


This is a story of a daughter who does not realize how much work her Mom puts in everyday to make her life better. She realizes it later. This is a short story named Podatik written by Ashapurna Devi and narrated by Anindita Bhattacharya

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Deshlai Baksho

This is a short story written by Ashapurna Devi. This story describes about a married woman Namita whose husband is very rich. But her widow mother is poor and she asks for money now and then from her son-in-law. The son-in-law does not want to give her money and that is why he does not tell about her letter to Namita. But Namita finds out. Listen the story to know what happens next.