Baramamar Mosa Mara

This is a short story written by Sanjib Chattopadhyay. This is one of his beautiful collection of Baramama-Chotomama series. This story depicts how Baramama takes care of his family from mosquitoes.

      Baramamar Mosa Mara - Listen here

5 Responses to Baramamar Mosa Mara

  1. subhajit masanta says:

    How can I download this stories frm mobile?

  2. How do I download audio books from this site? says:

    for road trip this site looks awesome but dont see any option to download~!

  3. kaniz fatema says:

    i want to download audio books

  4. Archana Roy (Sarkar) says:

    plz help me to find the story of ruku suku and the story of sisili dwip. I can’t remember the story name..plz give me the download link…

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