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Taker Oshudh



Taker Oshudh is written by Boren Gongopadhyay. This story is about a person named Sosthipodo who is becoming bald day by day. He is trying every medicine whoever is suggesting to save his leftover hair. Finally he met a Sadhu( a monk) who promised to stop his baldness…..


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Rupa is a short story written by Humayun Ahmed. Professor Humayun Ahmed  was a scientist, a famous contemporary Bengali fictionist and a very successful filmmaker. He died on 19 July 2012 at the age of only 64. This short story is about a person who wants to tell an interesting story to a stranger in rail station. The stranger found it odd but agreed to listen the story as he had nothing to do at that time. The person starts telling the interesting story……

Boyos Jekhane Barena



“Boyos Jekhane Barena” is written by Hirendra Chottopadhyay. This story is about a person named Tirthonkor. His friend Sudip saw him after 12 years of his death. Not only that, he found Tirthonkor exactly same as he was 12 years before. Sudip tried to solve the mystery with the help of his other friend.

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Aghoton is a short story writen by Anuradha Roy. Anuradha lives in Atlanta, GA. Writing is her passion. She usually writes stories and poems in webzines for a long time. This short story was published in “Anjali 2011″, a pujobarshiki magazine published by Pashchimi bay Area.